Videography & Photography

A Collaboration Project

An iterative education

All of my video work is self-taught. A combination of YouTube, blogs and trial & error with the tools I have available. We are entirely DIY.

It has been a very rewarding process seeing the evolution and progress we’ve achieved. 

For The Fight

Most proud of this video.

Our most challenging shoot, shot in the remote wilderness. 

What I Can See

One for the fans! We had fans send us photos, and performed a song among them – the next best thing to performing live with them. 

New technique was time lapse recording.  Combo of DSLR & iPhone 13 Pro.

Storm Brewing

Another one for the fans – WE held a vote, and they selected we do this.

It’s our first attempt at really trying to add a narrative element, and really pushed our limits in using low light. 

Clock Strikes

Shot on iPhone

Lasers! Lasers! Lasers! Not being able to perform live due to Covid-19, we wanted to try and capture a live-performance atmosphere on video.

Biggest challenge with this video was managing light and noise for the iPhone. This is still one of my favourites I’ve shot. 


My Affliction

Shot on iPhone

My first video with Stands on Sapphires! This is shot single-take, on iPhone 11. 

This video was lots of learning on the fly: Using FiLMiC Pro; a gimbal; weight distribution; using Neutral Density Filters; shot framing.


Cover of Stevie Wonder

A set of 3 covers released over 2022, tackling covers of songs the band really loves.

For Superstition, we really wanted a “dark, creepy” vibe, and we do really love the dark atmospherics. This shoot pushed ourselves to play with lighting, as well as better handle low-light filming.

This one was also challenging as we introduced a new lens, wider angle, shallower depth of field, and better low-light capabilities. However, was too heavy for our gimbal. Is mostly shot all hand-held, and a real challenge for me to compensate for my own motion.  

Blinding Lights

Cover of The Weeknd

A set of 3 covers released over 2022, tackling covers of songs the band really loves.

For Blinding Lights, we returned to the single-take style shot, and challenged ourselves with more motion. 

This shoot was mostly just fun. A fun song, and a simple, but fun shoot. 


Cover of Panic! at the Disco

A set of 3 covers released over 2022, tackling covers of songs the band really loves.

Another experiment in narrative based video. For Victorious, we challenged ourselves with multiple shoot locations, more specific blocking, and more specific use of props.  


Huge step for quality and technicality. First video shot with DSLR.

The b-roll footage is all shot on iPhone 11, captured over the span of a year leading up to the main shoot. 

It's All Over

Shot on iPhone

This was pure fun. 

Biggest takeaway was need for dampening – the band was so into it, the floor would flex, giving al the footage a slight “pulse” along to the beat

Whispers In The Dark

Cover of Skillet

Shot on iPhone

We do make things hard for ourselves.

Collaboration with Maddison joined us from USA. Taught her to record with FiLMiC Pro using her own iPhone remotely. 

Waste This Day

Shot on DSLR over the course of a full day.